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Special Interest Groups

Following Council Decision 2015/1 of February 2015, it was decided that Special Interest Groups (SIGs) would be formed to create subject specific ELI Hubs. A Call for expressions of interest was issued, which stimulated the ELI members to feedback on which areas of law were of greatest interest, and subsequently the Executive Committee identified the groups which would progress to form SIGs.  The following eleven areas have attracted the most interest, and therefore the Executive Committee has decided to establish these SIGs:

  • Administrative Law
  • Business and Financial Law
  • Civil Law
  • Competition Law
  • Digital Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • European Union Law
  • Family and Succession Law
  • Fundamental Rights Law
  • Global Private Law
  • Intellectual Property Law

There have also been suggestions which for SIGs which could be launched in the future, as at this time the interest shown was not strong enough to justify setting up a SIG. Details are available here.

SIGs will become a core part of the ELI structure, providing subject based expertise and progressive ideas for future developments in the law.