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MyELI Platform

MyELI is an interactive online platform which has been established to
enhance and facilitate communication between all Members of the ELI community. Moreover it enables ELI bodies to conduct their decision-making procedures efficiently, and provides collaborative working tools. 

Access to MyELI provides you with numerous possibilities to initiate and participate in discussions with other Members of the Institute.

First steps. How to access MyELI ?

Once you have received your login details from the ELI Secretariat you can access MyELI.

You can login from the ELI website or directly at MyELI.  You will be asked for your user name and password. You can also login with your email address and your password.

If at any point you have forgotten your password you can use the 'lost password' function.


Your profile on MyELI

User profiles provide personal background information and contact details that can be shared with every ELI Member. Your profile is your own space on MyELI where you can display information about yourself and your role within the ELI.

Some of the personal information you provided during the membership registration procedure will be imported to your profile on MyELI. By default it will be set to private, meaning that nobody but you and the site administrators can view the information, as opposed to public, which means all MyELI users can see it. You can however change this and other settings at any time by editing your profile. You can also add further profile information, your photo and upload a CV. Information you set to public can be searched by other users; in the same way you can search users by e.g. languages or legal expertise.

To make the most of MyELI as a networking tool, we encourage you to complete your profile information and keep it public.


How can I use the MyELI platform as an ELI Member?


The ELI has a Membership of over 600 legal experts from Europe and beyond.

Therefore the most important goal of MyELI is to facilitate communication amongst the ELI’s Fellows and Observers.

A message can be sent to any user of MyELI. 



On MyELI, a group is a page accessible to its members providing different collaborative working tools to enhance and facilitate communication. Some groups, for example those representing ELI bodies such as the Council, the Projects Committee, etc. are closed groups which can only be joined by members of that body. Other groups, such as the Newsroom and Projects Forum, are open and can be accessed by all ELI Members. 

With the approval of the Secretariat, MyELI users can also initiate and set up groups, where postings and documents can be shared, open discussions can take place and polls can be created, allowing decisions to be made very efficiently with the results being automatically available.


Newsroom and Projects Forum


The ELI Members Newsroom was designed as a common space for all ELI Members. Here the ELI Secretariat will occasionally post information about ELI: related events, meetings, conferences, hubs, etc. However the Newsroom belongs to you, ELI Members, and we hope that you will actively contribute to its content.

The Newsroom provides an excellent opportunity to network, initiate discussions with other Members, upload your publications or other files or inform other colleagues about any events and conferences in which they might be interested.

Projects Forum

The Projects Forum contains information on the ELI Projects, Members
Consultative Committees, etc. Also, when a project requires the approval of the General Assembly, voting can take place via polls in the Projects Forum.  

The Projects Forum also provides a platform for ELI Members to share their
ideas for new ELI projects, discussing them with other Members,  uploading
related documents, bookmarking important websites, etc. These discussions will also be viewed by the Projects Committee. As a Member you can also use the MyELI platform to submit a project idea to the Chair of the Committee, who can then share it with other colleagues. If however you only wish to discuss your idea with a specific group of ELI Members, you are welcome to set up a closed group for that purpose.


MyELI Privacy Policy, Terms and Help Section

When logging in for the first time, all Members will be asked to read and accept the MyELI Privacy Policy and Terms as a condition for using the platform.

For more detailed information and in case of any problems you may encounter while using MyELI, please have a look at the MyELI Help Section. The Help page is a source of information about the MyELI site and its functions, including a discussion board where questions and answers can be posted.

You can also contact the Secretariat directly should you require any further assistance.