Meeting between the ELI and the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA)


On 7 February 2018, Christiane Wendehorst (ELI President), Sjef van Erp (ELI Vice-President) and Raffaele Sabato (Member of the Executive Committee) cordially welcomed Jose Maria de Dios Marcer (ELFA President), Andreas R Ziegler (ELFA Vice-President and Treasurer) and Veronica Ruiz (ELFA Board Member) to the premises of the ELI Secretariat.

During this meeting, those present discussed possible ways to intensify cooperation between the ELI and ELFA. The ELI-ELFA team continued their discussions over a hearty meal with other members of the ELI Executive Committee, namely Lord John Thomas and Anne Birgitte Gammeljord, joining.

Members of the ELI Executive, including Vice-President Sjef van Erp, and Council will be attending the ELFA Annual General Meeting and Conference from 25–27 April 2018 in Barcelona (Spain). Council members that wish to join the Committee set up in respect of the ELI-ELFA dialogue should kindly contact the Secretariat.