ELI Council Elections 2017 - List of Candidates


The nomination and endorsement period for potential Members of the ELI Council was finalised on 16 June 2017.


We are pleased to announce the following list of candidates:

  • Yannis Avgerinos - Greece
  • Francesco Avolio - Italy
  • Elena Bargelli - Italy
  • Yuri Biondi - Italy
  • Robert Bray - United Kingdom
  • Christoph Busch - Germany
  • Georges Cavalier - France
  • Nikolaos Chatzinikolaou - Greece
  • Mark Clough - United Kingdom
  • Mario Comba - Italy
  • Andra Cotiga-Raccah - France/Romania
  • Olga Cvejic Jancic - Serbia
  • Nada Dollani - Albania
  • Anne Birgitte Gammeljord - Denmark
  • Athina Giannakoula – Greece
  • Laura Guercio - Italy
  • Paola Iamiceli - Italy
  • Maria Kaiafa-Gbandi - Greece
  • Ana Keglevic Steffek - Croatia
  • Miklós Király - Hungary
  • Andries Klip - The Netherlands
  • Philip Moser - United Kingdom
  • Damjan Možina - Slovenia
  • Pascal Pichonnaz - Switzerland
  • Reiner Schulze - Germany
  • Matthais Storme - Beglium
  • John Thomas - United Kingdom
  • Verica Trstenjak - Slovenia
  • John Vervaele - The Netherlands
  • Friedrich Graf von Westphalen - Germany

At the Annual Conference and General Assembly in Vienna from 6–7 September, Fellows will have the opportunity to elect their preferred candidates. The Council consists of a maximum of 60 Members from among the ELI’s Fellows and should ideally represent different legal traditions, disciplines and professions.

The election procedure is governed by the ELI Election Byelaw adopted in Council Decision 2013/5 of 2 April 2013, which can be consulted here. The list of remaining Council Members, whose mandate lasts until 2019, can be consulted here.

The elections are prepared and administrated by the ELI Secretariat and overseen by the Returning Officer, Irmgard Griss (Speaker of the Senate).

Every ELI Fellow present at the meeting of the General Assembly and Annual Conference is entitled to vote. Proxy voting is possible, with the number of proxies limited to one proxy per Fellow in attendance. The elected candidates become Members of the Council on the condition that they accept their election.

The first meeting of the newly elected Council will follow after the announcement of the election results on 7 September. This meeting will also be the point at which the President, Vice–President, Treasurer and the four other Members of the Executive Committee will be (re) elected. It is therefore important that candidates who stand for election arrange their schedule so as to enable them to take part in the meeting.

A brochure with an overview of all the candidates can be found here.