Julius Forschner is Director of the Deutsche Notarinstitut (DNotI – German Notary Institute) which advises and supports notaries in all complicated legal matters in the fields of property law, company law, the law of succession, family law and tax law. The DNotI also does research in all relevant areas for notaries. He started his legal education in Tübingen (First State Exam) where he also obtained a PhD degree in 2013. His doctoral thesis is about the relationship between European law and national law in the field of capital markets. After his legal clerkship in Hamburg, he completed an LLM at the University of Cambridge in 2016. In 2017, he was a civil law notary candidate in Würzburg, joined the DNotI in 2018 and was elected Director in 2019. He publishes in the fields of land and property law, corporate law as well as civil law in general.