Finance and Event Officer

Viktoriia Ivanova is a Finance and Event Officer at the ELI Secretariat. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations with a focus in international forums and events from the North-West Institute of Management (RANEPA) in Russia. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma as a translator in the Field of Professional Communication from the same Institute. In 2018, she successfully completed the Erasmus+ exchange programme at the International and European Studies faculty of the National University of Public Service in Hungary. She is currently writing her Master’s thesis in East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna. In addition, she also gained further knowledge in International Business Administration, recently completing courses in the mentioned field. She was previously employed as an Event Manager at the Russian exhibition centre, ExpoForum International. Due to her big interest in events organising she further extended her work experience as an Event Advisor in the CIIC Group in China, where she assisted in the preparation of one of their largest events in 2019, the International Symposium on the Peaceful Uses of Space Technology (Health). Viktoriia can be contacted here.