Alunaru is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the 'Vasile Goldis' Western University of Arad (Romania). He is a practising barrister and a member of the National Council of the Romanian Bar Association.

Professor Alunaru is the author of numerous articles on real rights, tort law, contract law, liability for defective products and articles on various aspects of civil law published in Romania, Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Some more recent publications include papers on the new Romanian Civil Code in the European Review of Contract Law (Walter de Gruyter, Berlin 2010), in the Österreichische Notariatszeitung 5/2010 (Vienna), in the journal of the Polish Academy of Sciences 'Kwartalnik Prawa Prywatnego' 3/2011 (Cracow) and in the 'Leben mit der Wirtschaftskrise – Ein Dauerzustand?' volume (Frank&Timme, Berlin 2011).

Professor Alunaru is the author of a book on foreigners’ rights concerning real property in Romania. In November 2011, he authored a paper on the influence of the Austrian Civil Code (ABGB) on civil law in Romania, published in the anniversary volume issued by the University of Vienna.

Professor Alunaru is a member of the German Jurists’ Forum and the Austrian Jurists’ Forum. In 2010 he was a visiting professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien). Since 2011 he has been a fellow of the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL) in Vienna.