Council Elections 2019

At the ELI Membership meeting on 4 and 5 September 2019 in Vienna (Austria), the Membership will elect 28 new Council members. For detailed information on the election procedure, kindly consult the ELI Statute and Election Byelaw. A summary is available in the Elections Brochure.


ELI Individual Fellows wishing to play a more active role in the In­stitute and eager for the oppor­tunity to help make important decisions about the governance and activities of the ELI can put themselves forward for a seat on the ELI Council by submitting their nomination form (please see below) and a portrait picture, and by obtaining five endorsements by ELI Fellows by 20 July 2019 at the latest.


Nomination forms, which contain full details on the nomination and endorsement procedure, should be sent electronically to the ELI Secretariat ( or by post to European Law Institute, Schottenring 16, Top 175, 1010 Vienna, Austria.


There are three procedures for endorsements:

Handing in a nomination form accompanied by five endorsements and consenting to the ELI Secretariat immediately uploading the form onto a closed platform on receipt.

Handing in a nomination form and contacting five existing ELI Fellows who will endorse the nomination by 20 July. Candidacy will be invalid should it not be endorsed by five ELI Fellows in time. The ELI Secretariat will upload the form onto a closed platform once it has been fully endorsed.

Handing in a nomination form and asking the ELI Secretariat to upload it onto a closed platform immediately on the Secretariat’s receipt of the form so as to invite endorsements by five ELI Fellows visiting the platform. The Secretariat will indicate and periodically update the number of endorsements received.


ELI Fellows will be provided with a link and password to access candidate nomination forms and see the number of endorsements per candidate, if applicable.


Please note that candidates cannot endorse their own nominations. Each ELI Fellow may endorse an unlimited number of candidates. Nomination forms of all candidates with five endorsements will be uploaded immediately and labelled ‘endorsed’. No further endorsements shall be accepted for that candidate. In all cases, the names of endorsers will be visible only to the Returning Officer and staff at the Secretariat.


A final list of nominated candidates will be pub­lished after the nomination and endorsement procedure has passed.

The elected candidates are members of the Council on the condition that they accept their election. If a candidate is not present at the elections, he or she should file their anticipated declaration of acceptance below with the Secretariat prior to the elections.



ELI Standing Council Committees


The newly elected ELI Council will ap­point new members of the standing Council committees at its meeting on 5 September 2019. Any Council mem­ber can express her/his interest to serve on a committee. Absent Council members and candidates should file their expression of interest in writing ideally in their nomination form but not later than one week after the meeting. In the latter case, please send an email to