Philip Moser QC has been a Barrister for England and Wales since 1992, and a QC since 2012. He has been Master of the Bench in the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple since 2012 and a Barrister in Northern Ireland since 2016. 

He is Joint Head of Monckton Chambers, specialising in EU law, competition law, international trade law, procurement and public law. He has been a qualified mediator since 2013 and arbitrator since 2015. From 19951997 he was a supervisor at Robinson College, Cambridge and from 19961998 a research associate at the Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS), Cambridge.

Additionally, Philip Moser is a Bar Council representative in the Federation of European Bars from 20012007. Moser is a UK Member of the Council of the International Criminal Bar from 20032007 and has been on the Committee for the Bar European Group since 1998. He has also been on the Committees of the UK Association of European Law (UKAEL) since 2005 and a Member of the Brexit Working Group of the Bar Council since 2016.

Moser is on the editorial board of the European Law Reports from 19992012 and has been the editor of the European Advocate since 2000.