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Ghent University is one of the leading institutions of higher education and research in Belgium. It is an open pluralistic university operating within a broad international perspective. It offers high-quality, research-based education in all academic disciplines.

The Ghent University Law School was founded in 1817 and was one of the four founding faculties of Ghent University. It is located in the historic center of the city of Ghent and it has a large student population from inside and outside the EU. With more than 4.000 students it is presently the largest law school in Flanders and Belgium. It offers professional degrees in law, criminology and notarial studies as well as postgraduate programs in European law, law and economics, business law, environmental law, maritime law and criminology.

The faculty consists of 85 professors and about 170 researchers and assistants who in addition to teaching, are extensively engaged in scientific research. Many of its members have an international reputation in their field of expertise, participate in national and international research projects, are leading practitioners or are involved in government and policy making. The Ghent University Law School hosts a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in European Union Law. Many of its alumni play a prominent role within the legal system as government officials, judges, attorneys in national and international law firms or as law professors at other Belgian and foreign universities. In fact, Ghent University Law School counts amongst its alumni a former Belgian Prime Minister and other prominent ministers of the Belgian federal and Flemish governments, members of the Court of Cassation, the Constitutional Court and the Council of State.