Institutional Observers

Institutional Observers must be legal entities or natural persons representing organisations, institutions or networks, which are actively involved in European legal development.

For Institutional Observers, there is a graded fee. Non-profit organisations not representing the interests of particular stakeholders contribute upwards of EUR 250 per year, subject to individual negotiations with the ELI. The minimum fee set forth by the Statute in the case of businesses and advocacy groups is EUR 500 per year. For law firms, this fee is higher but includes the Fellowship of 3 partners. However, the specific fee depends on size and is subject to individual negotiations with the ELI.

Institutional Observers play a key role within the Institute. They are consulted on a regular basis, are entitled to propose project ideas and nominate representatives to join Advisory Committees and Members Consultative Committees (MCCs), which work closely with Project Teams at various stages of a project. Institutional Observers may also suggest individuals to work at the very core of projects, as members of Project Teams. In addition, Institutional Observers are free to decide when and the manner in which to provide input to projects, including whether to send representatives in person to key events such as the General Assembly and Annual Conference or communicate at a distance. They are also welcome to participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Due to their active participation in the work of the ELI, they play a crucial role in guiding the ELI in its quest for better law-making in Europe. As most of the ELI’s Institutional Observers are structured as networks themselves, this constitute a very effective channel of communication through which information on the ELI’s contribution to European legal development can be shared.

How to Apply

To apply, please complete the form under ‘Important Links’ on the right electronically. Do take the time to read the ELI Statute before doing so. Should you have difficulties applying or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ELI Secretariat. Note that membership must be supported by two current ELI Fellows.

Newest ELI Institutional Observers

The ELI is proud to be cooperating with the following new ELI Institutional Observers:

The French Brussels Bar ('Ordre francophone du Barreau de Bruxelles') is the official public representative body of lawyers holding the title of 'avocat'. Registration to the Brussels Bar is mandatory to practise law in Belgium and abroad under that title. The Bar is responsible for ensuring respect and enforcement of professional rules by lawyers, defending their interests at national, European and international level and preserving our values and ethics throughout the Kingdom and abroad.

The Foundation for the Study of Historical and Regional Law of Vasconia (IURA VASCONIAE) is an independent research centre devoted to the study of historical public and private law of the Basque Country, which brings together academics and cultural agents, interested in researching the past and present of the public and private law of the Basque territories.

Full List of ELI Institutional Observers

The ELI is grateful to its current Institutional Observers, which number over 100, for the various way in which they have steadfastly demonstrated their commitment to the Institute’s causes and the betterment of European Law.

Professional Associations

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