ELI-Mount Scopus European Standards of Judicial Independence Project Team Discussed Several Standards


On 28 April, the Project Reporters met remotely with members of the Project Team and of the Advisory Committee to continue their scrutiny of the current Mount Scopus International Standards of Judicial Independence (‘MtSP’), taken in the context of European jurisdictions.

Participants provided valuable feedback on the MtSPs (Section 2), highlighting areas where further discussion and re-drafting of the existing provisions are needed.

During this meeting, participants exchanged views in particular on the protection of an adequate pay and pension for judges, as well as on the proper intervention of the executive in the operation of the court system. The different strands in the Court of Justice of the EU’s (CJEU) case law on judicial independence were noted. A list of topics to cover (eg judicial appointments, disciplinary proceedings) was also presented, and these topics will be considered alongside the MtSPs in the next meetings. A schedule of fortnightly meetings was confirmed. 

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