ELI-UNIDROIT Project ‘From Transnational Principles to European Rules of Civil Procedure’ presented in Riga


On 2 December 2016 Professor Alan Uzelac presented the ELI-UNIDROIT Project at the Conference on ‘Topical issues of civil procedure’, organised by the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia and the Latvian Ministry of Justice.

In his presentation, Prof. Uzelac, one of the Project’s reporters and a member of the working group, explained the background and the purpose of the Project. ELI and UNIDROIT aim at developing the European rules of civil procedure, taking as a starting point the adjusted Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure, elaborated in the past by American Law Institute and UNIDROIT.

Esteemed participants of the Conference could get an insight into the Project’s workflow for the upcoming years and into the Project’s Working Group structure and its thematic areas: Access to information and evidence, Service and due notice of proceedings, Provisional and protective measures; Res judicata and lis pendens; Obligations of parties lawyers and judges; Judgments; Costs; Parties; and a horizontal group, Structure.

The Conference was a great opportunity to discuss topical issues pertaining to the European civil procedure traditions and to raise awareness about the cooperation between ELI and UNIDROIT in the field of civil procedural law.

Prof. Uzelac presenting the project in Riga.