Joint Conference on Smart Contracts & Assignment of Claims


To analyse the most recent developments in contract law affecting businesses across a broad range of industry sectors, including banks and financial institutions, the Academy of European Law (ERA) and the European Law Institute (ELI) organised a Conference, which took place on 21–22 March 2019 in Trier (Germany).

The first day of the Conference focused on the interplay of modern technology and international contract law, taking into account the current EU legislation in the field. Sjef van Erp, ELI’s Vice-President and one of the Reporters of the ELI project on Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts, moderated the first panel and participated in the second one with a contribution on Smart Contracts and property law issues. Further, Rafaelle Battaglini, member of the abovementioned ELI project, discussed how blockchain technology could facilitate dispute resolution procedures.  

On the second day of the Conference, participants discussed the forthcoming EU rules on third-party effects of assignment of claims and its impact on financial industries, such as factoring and securitisation. Denis Philippe, the ELI’s Treasurer, delivered a speech on ‘What is the Position in Respect of Factoring?’ All presentations raised lively discussions and the event, which brought together key stakeholders and top experts in the field, provided an excellent platform for the exchange of views in this fast developing field of law.

The full program of the event can be found here.

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