Conference on Hungarian Cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union


The Hungarian Hub held a Conference on Hungarian cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on 7 June 2019 at ELTE University, Faculty of Law, Budapest.

The 50 participants discussed various topics on Hungarian cases before the CJEU. The opening lecture on Hungarian preliminary ruling procedures between 2004–2019, including in the field of administrative law, presented a horizontal overview of issues relevant for Hungary. The next session addressed  tax cases before the CJEU, with a focus on requests by Hungarian courts for a preliminary ruling. It was followed by a lecture on Member State’s procedural autonomy, where participants among other things discussed questions of equivalency, assertion of rights, remedies, the effective protection by courts (Article 47 of the Charter) and loyalty. Moreover, situations in which the CJEU refers cases back to Hungarian courts, with 33–40% such cases observed between 2008–2018, and the subsequent decisions by national courts were examined. In addition, lectures were held on the posting of workers and its social security and labour law dimensions, the ne bis in idem principle in criminal law, the interpretation of the ‘place where the harmful event occurred’ in the case of unlawful damage flowing from cartel activity, the obligation to compensate for damage caused by interim measures ordered in patent infringement, cases related to the field of gambling and foreign currency based loans.


More information is available in the agenda.