Workshop on Internet Jurisdiction in Vienna (Austria)


The ELI Special Interest Group on Intellectual Property Law, together with the Centre for Commercial Law Bond University, organised a workshop on the topical issue of ‘Internet Jurisdiction’. Esteemed experts gathered in Vienna on 28 November 2016 to discuss ways forward and solutions to the paradox of the territoriality as a principle ruling ‘borderless’ Internet.

The workshop was organised around 4 thematic sessions. The first one, about the territorial scope of data privacy law online, aimed at discussing the consequences of ‘extraterritorial’ reach of data privacy laws introduced by more and more countries. A second session on cross-border law enforcement online focused on finding a balance between different interests in cases of cybercrime. The future of geo-location and the question whether geo-location should be regulated was discussed during the third session. The last session analysed the consequences of online activities – participants examined whether being exposed to various laws and jurisdictional claims, while engaging in online activities, undermines the rule of law. 

Please click here to find the agenda.