Inaugural Workshop in Vienna (Austria)


23 June 2017: the Business and Financial Law SIG is planning an Inaugural Workshop on 23 June 2017 in Vienna. The event will gather experts of various disciplinary and geographical backgrounds and take place at the Faculty of Law (Juridicum) of the University of Vienna.

The Workshop will feature a series of three plenary panels on the following topics: (1) Financial Transparency and Accountability of Corporate Groups and Financial Intermediaries; (2) Groups of Companies, Shareholder Rights and Obligations, and Related Responsibilities and Liabilities; and (3) Cross-Border Mobility of Companies. The Workshop aims to generate an open discussion with all the participants, review and develop a constructive critique of existing laws and regulations, while setting plans for the future work of the SIG in the hope of contributing to European law-making on these matters.

The programme is available here.