ELI Enterprise Foundations Project Workshop


On 13 December 2023, the participants in the ELI project on Enterprise Foundations in Europe will hold a hybrid workshop in Copenhagen.

The aim of the workshop, which will be open to project participants, is to discuss the project and its next steps.

The workshop will be opened by Anne Sanders and Steen Thomsen, Reporters of the ELI project, as well as Mark Ørberg, the Project’s Assistant and First ELI Vice-President and Assessor of the project, Anne Birgitte Gammeljord.

Professor Colin Mayer from the University of Oxford will then hold a presentation on enterprise foundations and corporate purpose.

Participants will discuss the legal definition of enterprise foundations, the policy case for enterprise foundations and a survey on enterprise foundation law in European countries.

In addition, there will be presentations on enterprise foundations in France, Poland, Spain, and the Netherlands.

More information will follow in due course.