9th Trans Europe Experts Forum in Paris (France)


For the 9th time, the TEE Forum gathered academics and legal professionals from all over Europe at the Institute of Comparative Law. The theme of the event was: ‘What Kind of Europe for Tomorrow?’

This event was co-organised with the European Law Institute.

The presentations were focused on topics such as international mobility, European taxation, European company and insolvency law, digital law and European citizenship.

Several  ELI  Fellows  and  Project  Team  Members including  ELI  President  Christiane  Wendehorst,

ELI Treasurer Denis Philippe, Reporter on the ELI’s the Protection of Adults in International Situations

Project, Pietro Franzina, Reporter of the ELI’s For a European Approach to R&D Expenses Qualifying for the Common Corporate Tax Base Super Deduction Project, Georges Cavalier, Project Reporter Christoph Busch, and other Members of the Draft Model Rules on  Online  Intermediary  Platforms  Project  Team, Juliette Sénéchal and Célia Zolynski, as well as Walter Doralt, Chair of the ELI Membership Committee, delivered speeches on various topics.

The Trans Europe Experts Association was founded in 2009 by five French academics, one of them being former ELI Vice-President Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, who wanted to improve the participation of lawyers in the development of European law.

The Forum brings together academics and legal professionals from various disciplines.