Translating ELI-UNIDROIT’s Civil Procedure Rules


On 29 January, the group preparing the French version of ELI-UNIDROIT’s European Rules of Civil Procedure convened in Paris to continue their work on translating the Rules into French.

In a bid to offer the results of its work to an ever-broader audience, ELI supports its partner, the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), in translating the results of the project into French.

Professors Loïc Cadiet, Frédérique Ferrand and Emmanuel Jeuland met on 29 January in Paris in order to check and validate the French translation of the European Rules of Civil Procedure. After their first meeting on 18 December, where the group worked on Parts I to IV, at the meeting in January the focus was on the remainder of the Draft, namely Parts V to XII.

Both English and French versions will be available on the ELI website following approval by ELI and UNIDROIT bodies later on this year.