Statement on EU Copyright Rules

On 5 December 2013 the European Commission announced a Public Consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules. In response, on 10 January 2014 the ELI Council decided that the Institute should issue a Statement in the context of the Commission’s consultation.

Quick Facts

Project Type: Statement
Procedure: Accelerated (procedure change: 2014/1)

Adopted: CD 2013/3 (on Projects) 
Project Period: February 2013February 2014


This Statement was undertaken by Axel Metzger (Professor at the Leibniz University of Hanover) and Reto Hilty (Director of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich; Professor at the University of Zurich) who were appointed by the Executive Committee to head the project. On the recommendation of the Reporters, the Executive Committee appointed further members of the Working Group: Lionel Bently, Thomas Dreier, Christophe Geiger, Vytautas Mizaras and Marco Ricolfi.

The first draft Statement was prepared by the members of the Working Group at the end of January, after which it was revised in light of the comments received from Advisory Committee members, namely Judge Gabriella Muscolo and Professors Radim Polcák and Jan Rosen. After discussing the final draft Statement at a meeting in Vienna on 28 February 2014, Council members approved it as an official Statement of the Institute.

The full text of the document is now available in the publications section of the website.

Project Leaders

  • Reto Hilty
  • Axel Metzger

Working Group

  • Lionel Bently 
  • Thomas Dreier
  • Christophe Geiger
  • Vytautas Mizaras
  • Marco Ricolfi

Advisory Committee

  • Gabriella Muscolo
  • Radim Polčák
  • Jan Rosén