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ELI Institutional Observers


Institutional Observers must be legal entities, or natural persons representing organisations, institutions or networks, which are actively involved in European legal development.

For Institutional Observers, there is a graded fee. Non-profit organisations not representing the interests of particular stakeholders will pay from 250 euro per year, subject to individual negotiations with the ELI.  Businesses and advocacy groups will be asked to pay an annual fee depending on the size of the business or organisation and subject to individual negotiations with the ELI (the minimum fee set forth by the Statute is 500 euro per year). 

You can see the full list of the ELI Institutional Observers here.


* In its decision of 8 February 2013 (CD 2013/4), the ELI Council determined that the following institutions shall be exempt from paying an annual membership fee:

(a) The European Union and its institutions, bodies, offices and agencies;

(b) Sovereign states and their constitutional bodies;

(c) Intergovernmental organisations; and

(d) The United Nations and its bodies, offices and agencies.