Hubs and SIGs Guidelines

In accordance with Article 10 of the Statute, the Council approved the Guidelines for ELI Hubs and SIGs on 24 January 2019. These Guidelines, which have since undergone amendment, provide a detailed outline of the purpose of Hubs and SIGs, they issue general principles on launching and running Hubs and SIGs and set rules on hosting Hub and SIG events. The need for constant communication with the ELI Secretariat, evaluations and other relevant information are also included.

The Guidelines stress that Hubs and SIGs are administratively and financially self-sufficient and must elect at least two chairs. Hubs and SIGs are encouraged to organise at least one event per year. They are under an obligation to report their activities to the ELI Council annually.

Hubs and SIGs are established for a duration of three years, subject to extension upon the recommendation of the ELI Executive Committee and approval of the ELI Council.