Upcoming Events: Save the Date!


2nd Webinar in Spanish Hub’s Series

Explore the interactions between damage compensation schemes at the Hub’s webinar on 26 February 2024 (19:00– 20:00 CET)


ELI Turkish Hub Hosts Webinar on the ELI's Company Capital and Financial Accounting for Sustainability

Join the webinar on 27 February 2024 (17:00 TR) and analyse ELI’s Report alongside a distinguished panel of experts.


ELI Nordic Hub Hosts ADM Event: When Your Fridge Does Your Shopping

Join the above event online on 28 February 2024 (15:00–17:00 UTC+1), to delve into the ELI project on whether EU law is ADM ready.


ELI Fundamental Constitutional Principles Series: Webinar I on Liberal Democracy

In February 2024, ELI will publish its Charter of Fundamental Constitutional Principles of a European Democracy.


Croatian Hub Announces the 34th Webinar in its Webinar Series

The Hub invites you to a talk on the Principle of Proportionality and Private Law Relations on 5 March 2024


ELI Nordic Hub Hosts Event on Fundamental Constitutional Principles in Europe

On 12 March 2024 (17:00-19:00 CET), the Hub explores ELI's Project findings on Fundamental Constitutionals Principles at the University of Helsinki.