One of the core aims of ELI is studying and stimulating European legal development in a global context through publications and a strong presence and relation with the media. 

ELI projects and feasibility studies gather the knowledge and expertise of a wide range of jurists from academia, the judiciary, governments, legislatures and other vocations from Europe and beyond who exchange information and best practices in diverse legal fields.

These activities lead to publications which are usable directly (eg as draft rules or model contracts) by legislative bodies, judiciaries or other interested parties. ELI’s publications mainly seek to improve knowledge and practice in specific fields of law and at the same time raise awareness among members of the legal community of the most pressing issues in law. Although its work is mostly addressed to the European legislator and the judiciary, the main beneficiaries of ELI’s work are ultimately the general public, legal and natural persons of Europe, who will be able to enjoy a dignified quality of life through better-advanced and coherent laws. 

ELI publications are freely downloadable (see below). Some project outputs (with background materials) can also be purchased in the ELI book series with Oxford University Press.

Online Publications


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