On 6 December, ELI Secretary General attended ELSA Austria’s 64th National Council Meeting


On 28 November 2019 ELI’s Secretary General welcomed 20 students from Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna


On 28–29 November, a seminar on Constitutional Traditions Common to the Member States took place at Bocconi University in Milan. Several members of ELI’s Common Constitutional Traditions project spoke...


High Level Expert Meetings

The ELI is in the very fortunate position of having been granted funding by the European Union (EU) to organise a series of high level expert meetings...


Symposium on EU Citizenship 25 Years On: Civil and Economic Rights in Action

Together with the University of Trento and the University of Utrecht the Italian Hub is co-organising a Symposium on EU Citizenship 25 Years On: Civil...


Project Team Meeting of the ELI Project on Access to Digital Assets

The Project Team of the ELI project on Access to Digital Assets will convene again on 16 December 2019 at the Maastricht University Campus Brussels.