We are thrilled to announce that the ELI Council and the ELI Membership approved the ELI-UNIDROIT Model European Rules of Civil Procedure on 15 July and 5 August 2020, respectively.


We are pleased to inform you that the registration for the Online ELI Annual Conference and Meetings 2020, taking place between 8–11 September 2020, has officially opened.


On 2 July, the Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts Project Team members and Assessors convened remotely to continue the discussion on the project’s developments.


Project Team members of the project on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Public Administration – Developing Impact Assessments and Public Participation for Digital Democracy convened again remotely on...


On 1 July 2020 ELI President Christiane Wendehorst held a remote meeting with the Austrian Minister for Justice, Alma Zadić.


Another remote Project Team meeting of the Access to Digital Assets project was held on 30 June 2020.


Business and Human Rights Remote Project Team Meeting

Members of the Business and Human Rights Project Team will meet remotely on 19 August 2020 to discuss drafting progress.


ELI Annual Conference and Meetings

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, ELI Annual Conference and Meetings 2020 will take place online from 8–11 September 2020.


Business and Human Rights Project Team Members Meeting Again Remotely

The Business and Human Rights Project Team will convene again remotely on 25 September 2020.