ELI Webinars

ELI organises webinars with leading experts and practitioners to discuss its projects and current legal developments. Below you will find more information about each event.

Additionally, on the occasion of ELI’s 10th anniversary, a series of webinars took place to showcase some completed ELI projects. The webinars offered an opportunity to discuss recent developments in relevant areas and the impact of ELI projects on the legal landscape of late.

Upcoming Webinars

15 April 2024


ALI–ELI Webinar on Third Party Funding of Litigation


Previous Webinars

8 February 2024


ALI-ELI Webinar on the Use of Automated Decision-Making and Consumer Law


31 January 2024


ELI Dissemination Webinar on the ELI Interim Report on EU Consumer Law and ADM

16 January 2024


ELI Project Kick–Off Webinar on Succession of Digital Assets, Data and Other Digital Remains.

13 November 2023


ELI Project Dissemination Webinar on Implementing Workers’ Right to Disconnect

2 October 2023


ELI Project Kick–Off Webinar on Amendments to the Proposal on the Recognition of Foreign Filiations

2023 and earlier


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