Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Event


The Slovenian Hub, together with the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Centre for Dispute Resolution (ECDR), organised a Conference entitled ‘Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution‘. The event took place on 10 February 2016 in Ljubljana.

The Conference was divided into three sections. The first centred on ‘The Importance of Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution for the Economy and Consumers’. Diana Wallis, former President of ELI, spoke during this part of the Conference on the impact of EU law on resolving disputes with consumers.

Representatives of various organisations leading in the field of mediation and dispute resolution gathered during the second section of the Conference. They discussed the past experiences in the field of out-of-court consumer dispute resolution in Slovenia.

‘Challenges and Opportunities of Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Under the Law on Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution’ was the title of the third section of the Conference. Top experts from consumers and commerce associations discussed the functioning of this important piece of legislation, which has far-reaching consequences for the rights of individuals.