ELI Spanish Hub Organised Its 6th Annual Meeting


On 14 May 2021, the ELI Spanish Hub held its Annual Meeting on European Case Law, which attracted more than 350 participants from 21 countries.

The event, organised online, provided a platform to present and discuss various research papers dealing with current legal issues. The focus was on four papers on the European Arrest Warrants (Lorena Bachmaier, Professor at Complutense University in Madrid), on the Decentralisation of the Judicial System within the EU (Rosario Silva, Vice-President of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), on the Protection of EU Charter Rights by National Courts (Pedro Cruz, former Vice-President of the Spanish Constitutional Court), and on the Arbitration and Access to Justice (Pía Calderón, Professor at the University of Valencia and Judge). Additionally, 155 short papers which focused, among other things, on the relevance and impact of the CJEU and European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) decisions on national law were presented. A collection of these papers will be published shortly.

The Annual Meeting was chaired by Carmen Jerez Delgado (Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Albert Ruda (Associate Professor and Dean at the University of Girona), Hub’s co-chairs and was convened by María Lubomira Kubica (Professor at the Universidad Loyola).

The recordings of the meeting’s webinars can be accessed here