Fifth Spanish-German Private Law Conference


The ELI Spanish Hub supported the fifth Spanish-German Private Law Conference, which took place at the University Carlos III of Madrid from 21–22 October 2021.

The purpose of the fifth Conference was to discuss liability from multiple perspectives: historical, unfair competition, antitrust, industrial and intellectual property, data protection and artificial intelligence. The comparative German-Spanish analysis revealed interesting differences both nationally and in relation to the application of European rules in both countries. The results of the fifth Conference will be published in 2022 in a monograph.

German and Spanish professors from various universities participated in the Conference: Prof Dr T Arroyo (University Carlos III of Madrid), Prof Dr X Basozábal (University of Navarra), Prof Dr M Bermejo (University Carlos III of Madrid), Prof Dr B Gsell (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Dr JD Harke (University of Jena), Prof Dr J Kindl (University of Münster), Prof Dr P del Olmo (University Carlos III of Madrid), Prof Dr R Pontes Araldi (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Prof Dr MJ Santos (University Carlos III of Madrid) and Prof Dr G Spindler (University of Göttingen).

The agenda is available here.