Administrative Law SIG

The ELI Special Interest Group (SIG) on Administrative Law was established in mid-2015. The SIG looks into topics such as accountability of EU agencies; dimensions and potentials of art 41 EUCFR; and legal feasibility for a Europeanisation of the implementation of specific fields of administrative law. It conducts comparative surveys on the relationship between: (a) rules on confidentiality; and (b) access to publicly stored information/documents; and comparative surveys on staff regulations, against the background of Article 298 TFEU, both in Member States and at EU level. Should you wish to be a part of our SIG please e-mail the ELI Secretariat.

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Past Events

  • 6–7 June 2018: ELI Administrative Law SIG Conference on 'The Implication of the European Commission's White Paper on the Future of Europe on European Administrative Law' in Budapest (Hungary)
  • 8 September 2017: meeting held during the Annual Conference in Vienna (Austria)
  • 7–8 June 2017: ELI Administrative Law SIG Conference in Budapest (Hungary)
  • 8 September 2016: meeting held during the Annual Conference in Ferrara (Italy)
  • 26 April 2016: meeting in Vienna (Austria)


  • Marc Clément
  • Marek Wierzbowski


  • Katarina Andova
  • Josef Azizi
  • Alexander Balthasar
  • Marleen Botman
  • Alessandro Cenerelli
  • Marc Clement
  • Curia of Hungary (Tamás M Horváth)
  • Joseph Davids
  • Ana Maria Delgado
  • Darinka Dekleva Marguc
  • Aurelie Dingreville
  • Alexander Egger
  • Antonio  Estella
  • Mariella Fiorentino
  • Elena-Mihaela Fodor
  • Valentina Gastaldo
  • Dariusz Gibasiewicz
  • Laurence Gormley
  • Albert Ruda Gonzalez
  • Ian Harden
  • Herwig Hofmann
  • Frank Judo
  • Polonca Kovač
  • Dulce Lopes
  • Anna Maria Mancaleoni
  • Michael Mirschberger
  • Marjolaine Monot-Fouletier
  • Athena Moraiti
  • Mariia Muravska
  • Francisco Verdún Pérez
  • Krisztina Rozsnyai
  • Bruno Reynaud de Sousa
  • Roberto Sammarchi
  • Jens-Peter Schneider
  • Anna Simonati
  • Supreme Court of Albania (Manjola Xhaxho)
  • Thomas van Rijn
  • Marek Wierzbowski
  • Bostjan Zalar
  • Florije Manaj Zogaj