Competition Law SIG

In early 2016, the ELI Competition Law SIG initiated a study on private enforcement of competition law. As a result of the research carried out, the SIG compiled contributions from nine jurisdictions (Member States of the EU), which were prepared by the following members of the SIG: Bulgaria (Krasimira Milachkova), Cyprus (Harry Stamelos), Greece (Harry Stamelos), Germany (Nils Gildhoff), Italy (Michele Giannino), Portugal (Ricardo Bayão Horta), Romania (Cristina Butacu), Spain (Julia Suderow), UK (Florian Wagner-von Papp). The SIG also intends to establish a permanent Committee to present an updated report on private enforcement of competition law in the EU and in Member States every year. New members are welcome. Should you wish to join, kindly inform the ELI Secretariat.

Past Event

  • 6 September 2019: meeting at the 2019 ELI Annual Conference in Vienna (Austria). An agenda of the meeting can be found here.


  • Giorgio Afferni
  • Florian Schuhmacher
  • Harry Stamelos


  • Hans-Jürgen Ahrens
  • Amedeo Arena
  • Yannis Avgerinos
  • Francesco Avioli
  • Ricardo Bayão Horta
  • Nurettin Emre Bilginoglu
  • Cristina Butacu
  • Barbara Conte
  • Antonio Davola
  • Riccardo de Caria
  • EFTA Surveillance Authority (Maria Moustakali)
  • Alexander Egger
  • Michele Giannino
  • Oliver Mader
  • Katharina Miller
  • Irene Piccanio
  • Sara Rodríguez Marín 
  • Giuseppe Simeone
  • Vincent Smith
  • Radu Stancu
  • Julia Suderow
  • Thomas Thiede
  • Vojvodina Bar Association (Dejan Ukropina)
  • Florian Wagner-von Papp