Environmental Law SIG

Environmental Law SIG

The Environmental Law SIG, established in mid-2020 and co-chaired by Alberto De Franceschi and William Boyd, aims at bringing together experts from Europe and beyond, reshaping existing legal instruments and creating new ones so as to achieve environmental sustainability and a circular economy thus making Europe a standard setter in this field.

For this purpose, the SIG aims to implement new strategies for regulation and standardisation, enhancing dialogue with social partners and international cooperation. The SIG would rethink in particular: (a) production and sales law; (b) legislation on waste and circular materials; (c) instruments for enhancing smart mobility and the sharing economy; (d) the introduction of rules on green finance and investment; (e) policies for clean energy supply; (f) rules on large-scale infrastructure and construction; and (g) taxation and social benefits.

In particular, the SIG aims at addressing and enhancing the synergy between the green and the digital transformation, by exploring measures to ensure that digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, cloud and edge computing and the internet of things can accelerate and maximise the impact of policies to deal with climate change and protect the environment.



The ELI Environmental Law SIG organised an online seminar on the EU Sustainable Product Policy Initiative.


Seminar on Climate Change Litigation

The ELI Environmental Law SIG organised a webinar on 'Climate Change Litigation: A Comparative Law Perspective'.


ELI Environmental Law SIG Organised a Seminar on 'Access to Justice in Environmental Matters'

On 14 May 2021, the ELI Environmental Law SIG organised a seminar on 'Access to Justice in Environmental Matters'.


Seminar on Sustainable Public Procurement

On 6 May 2021, ELI Environmental Law SIG organised a Seminar on Sustainable Public Procurement.


The European Union as a Circular Economy: Command & Control?

ELI Environmental Law SIG supports the online Conference organised by Utrecht University that aims to evaluate and discuss two particular paradigm shifts, namely the changing role of EU public...


Seminar on ‘Greening’ of e-commerce

The ELI Environmental Law SIG organised an online seminar on ‘Greening’ of e-commerce.