Family and Succession Law SIG

The ELI Special Interest Group (SIG) on Family and Succession Law was established in mid-2015. the SIGs focus of interest include the enforcement of family rights (custody of children); matrimonial property regimes; surrogate motherhood; the presumption of death; transgenerational distribution of assets; and the acceptance of jurisdiction in private international law. Should the reader be interested in joining our SIG kindly e-mail the ELI Secretariat

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Upcoming Events

  • 6 September 2019: Panel at the 2019 ELI Annual Conference in Vienna (Austria).
  • 6 September 2019: meeting at the 2019 ELI Annual Conference in Vienna (Austria).

Past Events

  • 7 September 2018: meeting at the ELI Annual Conference and General Assembly in Riga (Latvia). An agenda of the meeting can be found here and the Minutes here.
  • 7 June 2018: workshop on the Present and the Future of European Family and Succession Law in Pisa (Italy). Please click ­here to read about the event.
  • 8 September 2017: meeting held during Annual Conference in Vienna (Austria)
  • 8 September 2016: meeting held during Annual Conference in Ferrara (Italy)(click here for the agenda)


  • Elena Bargelli
  • Francisco Javier Jiménez Muñoz

Advisory Board

  • Elena D’Alessandro
  • Richard Frimston
  • Jens Scherpe
  • Wendy Schrama


  • Apostolos Anthimos
  • Elena Bargelli
  • Joaquin Bayo Delgado
  • Marlene Brosch
  • Valentina Calderai
  • Albert Charo
  • Council of the Notariats of the European Union
  • Olga Cvejić Jančić
  • Elena D'Alessandro
  • Giulia Donadio
  • Chiara Favilli
  • Nuno Ferreira
  • Silvia Ferreri
  • Richard Frimston
  • Samuel Fulli-Lemaire
  • Árpad Gábor Orosz (Curia of Hungary)
  • Antonio Gorgoni
  • Melanija Jančič
  • Francisco Javier Jiménez Muñoz
  • Antonio Legeren Molina
  • Joëlle Long
  • Elwira Macierzyńska-Franaszczyk
  • Anna Maria Mancaleoni
  • Carlos Martinez De Aguirre
  • Konrad Osajda
  • Meliha Povlakic
  • Johannes Michael Rainer
  • Nelson Rosenvald
  • Natalia Margarita Rueda Vallejo
  • Christian Schall
  • Jens Scherpe
  • Wendy Schrama
  • Helga Spadina
  • Frederik Swennen
  • Francesco Traisci
  • Elisa Viganotti
  • Denise Wiedemann