Current Individual Members of the ELI - W

Surname First Name Country of Residence Membership Type
Wagner Gerhard Germany Fellow
Wagner-von Papp Florian United Kingdom Fellow
Walachowska Monika Poland Fellow
Wallis Diana United Kingdom Fellow
Wallraff Dean United States of America Individual Observer
Walter Mareike Germany Fellow
Warren Manning United States of America Fellow
Warth Wilhelm Germany Fellow
Watson Jonathon Germany Fellow
Weatherill Stephen United Kingdom Fellow
Weber Franziska Germany Fellow
Weber Johannes Germany Fellow
Wedemann Frauke Germany Fellow
Weingerl Petra Slovenia Fellow
Weise Steven United States of America Fellow
Weishaar Stefan Netherlands Fellow
Weiss Friedl Austria Fellow
Weissinger Matthias Germany Fellow
Weller Matthias Germany Fellow
Wendehorst Christiane Austria Fellow
Wendland Matthias Germany Fellow
Werro Franz Switzerland Fellow
Wessels Bob Netherlands Fellow
Weyembergh Anne Belgium Fellow
Whittaker Simon United Kingdom Fellow
Wicke Hartmut Germany Fellow
Wiedemann Denise Germany Fellow
Wierzbowski Marek Poland Fellow
Wietrzynski Konrad Polska Individual Observer
Wiewiórowska-Domagalska Aneta Poland Individual Observer
Wilcox Vanessa Austria Fellow
Wilhelmsson Thomas Finland Fellow
Wilkins Michael J Belgium Individual Oberserver
Willheim Johannes Germany Fellow
Williams Veronica Belgium Individual Observer
Wilson Alan United Kingdom Fellow
Winiger Bénédict Switzerland Fellow
Winkler von Mohrenfels Peter Germany Fellow
Winkler Sandra Croatia Fellow
Winner Martin Austria Fellow
Winship Peter United States of America Fellow
Wissink Mark Netherlands Fellow
Wittner Nicholas United States of America Fellow
Wojtyczek Krzysztof Poland Fellow
Wolf Christian Germany Individual Observer
Wolf Eike Austria Individual Observer
Wolffe QC W James United Kingdom Fellow
Wollmann Hanno Austria Fellow
Wukoschitz Michael Austria Fellow
Wymeersch Eddy Belgium Fellow