Kirill Ryabtsev

Kirill Ryabtsev is a Paralegal at Loyens & Loeff and a PhD Candidate in competition law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His doctoral thesis focuses on investigating the anticompetitive effects of blockchain forks. Within Loyens & Loeff, Kirill specialises in data protection and privacy law, EU law, and competition law. Furthermore, he advises on various digital economy topics, including cybersecurity, intermediary liability, and e-commerce. Kirill's legal expertise also extends to EU internal market law and EU citizenship law.

Beyond his positions at Loyens & Loeff and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Kirill plays an active role at CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, where he serves as an Editor for Stanford Computational Antitrust Journal. Kirill also holds a Research Fellowship at Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute (ALTI) and is a Member of the Dutch Association of European Law (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Europees Recht (NVER)). Notably, he previously served as President and Editor-in-Chief at Groningen Journal of International Law (GroJIL).