Membership Fee Reduction — Individual Members

Following the Council Decision 11/2021, which aims to make the Membership fees more equitable and fair for Members residing in countries with different economic situations, Individual Members from lower income countries can apply for a fee reduction. Two different categories are available to Individual Members, based on the GDP per capita data published by the World Bank. Where an ELI Members can point to a GDP per capita source other than the World Bank, that qualifies their country of residence for a reduction, they should contact the ELI Secretariat before applying.

The list of countries in each category, which is reviewed annually, is available here.

To apply for a reduced Membership fee, please submit a signed Application for a Reduced Membership Fee to the ELI Secretariat.


Category of countries GDP US$ per capita Reduced Membership Fee
1 19,000 - 10,000 € 48
2 9,999 and less € 30