4th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Hub in Elche (Spain)


On Europe Day, 9 May 2019, the 4th Annual Meeting of the ELI Spanish Hub on European Jurisprudence took place in Elche (Spain) under the auspices of the University 'Miguel Hernández'.

Fernando Miró Llinares, Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Miguel Hernández University in Elche, opened the 4th Annual Meeting of the ELI Spanish Hub and welcomed around 120 experts from diverse legal disciplines. ELI Secretary General, Vanessa Wilcox, stressed the importance of the ELI’s local outreach through its Hubs and praised the Spanish Hub for being one of the most active. She also outlined key changes under the new ELI Hub and SIG Guidelines.

The Conference opened with a round table on ‘A Dialogue on the Impact of European Acquis on Internal law and on Courts’. The theme was then deepened by twenty thematic panels on a broad range of legal topics such as digital law, the protection of fundamental rights, financial law, private international law and criminal law. Legal scholars, lawyers, notaries, land register officers, and judges in attendance also discussed recent decisions from the ECJ and the ECtHR. More information is available in the agenda. The materials of the meeting will eventually be published by sepin, a major Spanish publisher which already published the materials of previous meetings. Some pictures of the event can be found here.

The Chairs, Albert Ruda and Carmen Jerez Delgado also wish to record their indebtedness to Alfonso Ortega and the UMH Law School’s Dean, Fernando Miró Linares, for their support and hard work in making the event happen, as well as with the supporting institutions which appeared on the meeting’s agenda.