Adoption of the first Instrument of the European Law Institute


The ELI is proud to announce that the results of the project ´Prevention and Settlement of Conflicts of Exercise of Jurisdiction in Criminal Law´ have been approved as an Instrument of the European Law Institute.

This represents a milestone for the Institute, as this is the first long-term project that produced results in the form of an Instrument. The project followed the regular procedure and was therefore put to a vote of both the ELI Council and all ELI Fellows. The results were approved almost unanimously, with only a single vote cast against the draft.

The ELI thanks the Project Reporters, Professors Katalin Ligeti, André Klip and John Vervaele for their excellent work and congratulates them on the impressive results.

Initially, the project aimed at elaborating a new legal framework for the prevention and resolution of conflicts of jurisdiction in criminal matters in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice within Europe. That is a truly important goal and an undertaking that is long overdue. The Project Team went above and beyond their initial aims and produced not one, but three complete legal frameworks. In the words of Professor John Vervaele: ´We came up with three different policy options and related legal frameworks, each with many different implementation options. By doing this we have ensured that whatever policy option is chosen by the legislator our project provides sound legal advice. In the end, each of our proposals will substantially improve European justice.´

The approved Instrument can be found here.