ALI-ELI Principles for a Data Economy Disseminated in Belgium


On 2 December 2021, Christiane Wendehorst, Reporter of the ALI-ELI Principles for a Data Economy on the ELI side, delivered a keynote speech and presented the Principles at the ‘Addressing Legal, Technical and Ethical Challenges in the Data Market Context’ event organised by KU Leuven.

Former ELI President and recently appointed Scientific Director at the ELI, Prof Dr Christiane Wendehorst delivered her speech at the morning session of the above event, which focused on the regulatory framework of the data economy ecosystem, the Data Governance Act proposed by the European Commission and on the data ownership debate. In her speech, she focused on data contracts, third party protection and data rights. With regard to the latter, Wendehorst discussed the differences between rights in co-generated data and data rights for the public interest. Her presentation was followed by a response from Prof Alain Strowel (of KU Leuven) and a lively Q&A session with participants and other speakers.

The ALI-ELI Principles for a Data Economy were approved by ALI and ELI bodies earlier this year and are in dissemination phase. You can find the Principles (Final Council Draft) here.