ELI Appoints a Scientific Director for the First Time


ELI is pleased to announce the appointment of Univ-Prof Dr Christiane Wendehorst, LLM (Cantab), as its Scientific Director. This is a new office which has been under discussion for some time. It marks a significant step for ELI which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and its very significant achievement in its role in fostering the development of law in Europe. The appointment was made by the Executive Committee, in consultation with the ELI Senate.

Professor Christiane Wendehorst has been actively involved in ELI from its very conception through to its establishment, taking on various roles as the first ELI Treasurer (2011 to September 2013), the Vice-President (September 2013 to September 2017), President (September 2019 to September 2021) as well as Reporter, inter alia, of the project carried out jointly with the American Law Institute on Principles for a Data Economy. She will bring to the position not only institutional knowledge, but also the expertise of a scholar who is acknowledged worldwide.

ELI is delighted that Professor Christiane Wendehorst has agreed to take on this position with immediate effect. Her work will include close liaison with and guidance to those working on the many projects which ELI is undertaking under the three umbrellas of Rule of Law in the 21st Century, Law and Governance for the Digital Age and Sustainable Life and Society. She will also be engaged in the identification of topics of future interest for consideration by ELI and in the wider dissemination of the results of the projects which ELI has undertaken and discussion on their implementation.

Prof Dr Pascal Pichonnaz

ELI President