ELI Awarded EU Operating Grant for 2019


We are pleased to announce that the ELI has been awarded an EU Operating Grant for 2019 under a four-year Framework Partnership Agreement from 2018–2021.

The Operating Grant will enable the ELI to intensify its efforts to contributing to the improvement of European law and the formation of a more vigorous legal community, mainly through various ELI Projects and key events, such as the ELI Annual Conference and General Assembly.


The ELI has already been the beneficiary of the EU Operating Grants each year since 2015. Compared to the funding in 2017 the operating grant for 2019 could be more than doubled, thus enabling the ELI to further intensify its work.


Other sources of finance include funds from a cooperation agreement with the University of Vienna, membership fees and a project grant from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. You can find out more about the ELI’s various sources of funding here.