ELI Celebrates Global Recycling Day by Recalling its Work on the Topic


ELI continues advocating for resource reuse and recycling, two years after the issue of two of its Publications.

On 18 March 2024, the world marks the 7th Global Recycling Day, an occasion dedicated to recognising and celebrating the importance of reusing and recycling recourses.

This celebration aligns with the European Commission‘s ambitious goal of leading Europe to become the world's first climate-neutral continent, as outlined in the European Green Deal. To bolster this commitment, the Commission has spearheaded various initiatives, such as the New Circular Economy Action Plan and the New Consumer Agenda, aimed at promoting sustainability across diverse sectors.

ELI, which dedicates an entire pillar of its projects to Sustainable Life and Society, furthered existing efforts at EU level through its 2023 Feedback on the European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on Common Rules Promoting the Repair of Goods and its Its 2022 Response to the European Commission’s Public Consultation on Sustainable Consumption of Goods    Promoting Repair and Reuse.