ELI European Young Lawyers’ Award launched at the Annual Conference 2016!


The goal of this award is to provide the young European legal community with a mechanism to propose practical suggestions for the improvement of European law, as a way of giving voice to the future European legal experts and to help the ELI in fulfilling its core mission of improving the quality of European law. The award is supported by the ELI and other appropriate participating institutions.


Applicants must be students enrolled at a European university (undergraduate or postgraduate law degree) or young practising lawyers between 18 and 30 years old and be knowledgeable in English.



Candidates must submit a unique and original paper which was not previously published and is dealing with a European legal issue that could be improved. The contribution can be submitted in any of the EU official languages along with the English translation. The submission shall contain:

  • A cover sheet with the name, telephone number, e-mail and postal address of the applicant, as well as the topic of the paper;
  • An executive summary of maximum 300 words;
  • A paper of maximum 2.500 words, containing at least the following information:
  • Introduction;
  • Identification of a problem or a possibility for improvement in the indicated field of law in Europe;
  • Analysis of one or more possible solution(s);
  • Concluding remarks



The Jury of the ELI European Young Lawyers’ Award is comprised of the ELI and other appropriate participating institutions. It will be selected by the ELI Executive Committee every two years.



The awarded candidate will be invited to present his/her paper at the ELI Annual Conference.

The ELI will further cover his/her accommodation and travel expenses up to EUR 1.000. This will provide the winner with an opportunity to meet and greet some of the world’s leading law experts and exchange ideas with them.

In addition, the winning contribution will be published on the ELI website and its author will be awarded with two years of free ELI fellowship, which will allow this person to be involved in Special Interest Groups, present project proposals and participate in the Members Consultative Committees of the different ELI projects.

More details will be available soon at the ELI website.