ELI meets the Secretary of UNCITRAL


On 29 November 2012 ELI Executive Committee Member Christiane Wendehorst met the Secretary of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Renaud Sorieul.

The prospects of future cooperation between UNCITRAL and the ELI were discussed at the meeting, and the vast potential for mutual exchange at this time, in particular in the field of online trade including online dispute resolution, was recognised by both parties. From early 2013 UNCITRAL would be prepared to send online trade experts to support the ELI Working Party on European Sales Law. Other forms of cooperation in this, and other fields, might follow.

In September 2012 the ELI became an observer to UNCITRAL. The ELI has been included in the list of non-governmental organisations eligible for invitation to the session of UNCITRAL and its working groups. The ELI’s representatives have taken part in these sessions ever since.