ELI President Speaks at a Course Run by the EJTN


The session on AI and Predictive Justice took place on 17 November 2023 at the European Judicial Training Network’s premises in Rome.

On the occasion the ELI President, Prof Dr Pascal Pichonnaz, informed the judges present about ELI and its work, with the session focusing mainly on the second pillar of the Institute’s activities, Law and Governance for the Digital Age.

As part of his lecture, President Pichonnaz referred to the current state of the digitalisation of justice systems, as well as to the opportunities and challenges of such digitalization. He focused his talk in particular on predictive justice. The lecture presented him with the opportunity to raise ELI’s Model Rules on Impact Assessment of Algorithmic Decision-Making Systems Used by Public Administration and ELI Innovation Paper on Guiding Principles for Automated Decision-Making in the EU. Among other things, President Pichonnaz highlighted the broad nature of such proposals and the need for further elaboration by lawmakers inspired by them.


The EJTN is an association that amalgamates judicial training institutions from all EU Members States and the Academy of European Law. Among other things, it provides tailored training to all 400,000 judges, prosecutors, court staff, and judicial trainers in the EU.