ELI Reporter Contributes to the New CDCJ Handbook, ‘Administration and You’


Prof Dr Jens-Peter Schneider contributed to the update of the Council of Europe’s CDCJ Handbook

Prof Dr Jens-Peter Schneider, Co-Reporter of the ELI Model Rules on Impact Assessment of Algorithmic Decision-Making Systems Used by Public Administration, has contributed to the latest update of the ‘Administration and You’ Handbook published by the Council of Europe’s European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ).  Schneider was a member of the CDCJ Working Group on administrative law and artificial intelligence (CDCJ-ADMIN-AI). Schneider has been regularly contributing to the group’s efforts since its establishment in 2022.

This third edition, adopted by the CDCJ in December 2023, outlines and explains the substantive and procedural principles governing relations between public authorities and individuals. The updated Handbook now addresses the impact of the increasing use of artificial intelligence systems and automated decision-making by public authorities in their interactions with individuals. The Handbook serves as a crucial resource for the public, public officials, lawyers, judges, ombudspersons, as well as policymakers and legislators, providing essential guidance on navigating the evolving landscape of public administration.

‘Administration and You’ can be accessed here. More information here.