ELI Ukrainian Hub Held an Event on Combating Illegal Migration


On Friday, 26 August 2022, the ELI Ukrainian Hub held next event on the ‘Administrative and Legal Forms and Methods of Combating Illegal Migration by National Public Security Police Units: The Results of Interaction with EU Agencies’, which was opened by Interim Chair Svitlana Mazepa.

The speaker Tetiana Drakokhrust (Co-Chair of ELI, Professor at the Department of International Law and Migration Policy, Western Ukrainian national university, Chairwoman of Educational Start, member of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine) mentioned the difficulties in cooperating with European agencies in matters of combating illegal migration.

The following problematic points were highlighted:

  • Corruption which makes optimal future interaction with EU agencies impossible;
  • Insufficient use of digitization in some EU countries in providing administrative services to foreigners;
  • Dispersion of powers among state authorities of Ukraine regarding illegal migration.

The agenda can be accessed here