ELI-UNIDROIT Working Group on Structure Meet in Paris (France)


The ELI-UNIDROIT Structure working group met on 23 May in Paris. The meeting was kindly hosted by Professor Loïc Cadiet at the École de droit de la Sorbonne Université Paris 1.

This was the second working group's meeting in 2018. The focus of the meeting was on Part I of the consolidated draft of rules on civil procedure. Members of the working group, Loïc Cadiet, Xandra Kramer, John Sorabji and Rolf Stürner,  discussed the following issues among other things: the incorporation of new draft rules, the structure of particular sections, the content of new sections and the draft on parties, court management, the commencement of proceedings and the preparation of the final hearing. The meeting resulted in a refined and improved structure, and a further consolidation of the draft, including of Part I.

The Structure working group was established in 2015 to coordinate the emerging draft rules within a functional whole and to have oversight of linguistic issues.