ELI Webinar on Hardship & Force Majeure


On 7 May 2020, well over 100 ELI Members joined lively webinar discussions on the application of hardship and force majeure across Europe, one of several points covered in ELI’s Principles for the COVID-19 Crisis.

Pascal Pichonnaz (Chair), Hugh Beale QC, Denis Philippe, Christina Ramberg, Pietro Sirena and Fryderyk Zoll discussed the application of hardship and force majeure from French, Italian, German/Polish, Scandinavian (particularly Swedish) and the common law (mainly English) perspectives. Principle 13 (on Hardship and Force Majeure) of the recently approved ELI Principles for the COVID-19 Crisis was also given due consideration.

During the discussion with participants, speakers addressed, among other things, issues such as contractual exclusion of hardship rules, termination and renegotiation of contracts, and consumer protection.

The webinar was the second in string of fortnightly ELI webinars on the legal implications of the COVID-19 crisis. More information on the webinar series is available here.

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The PowerPoint presentations from the webinar are available here: